Charlie M. Carter, Jr.

"Relationship dynamics, whether within the family, church, community, or workplace are the same, and understanding those dynamics is key to relationship success or failure."

June 2008
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"The Promises Precious"

Minister Charlie M. Carter, Jr.

Charlie M. Carter, Jr., knows firsthand about hardships, family conflict and strife. Having learned from his mistakes, Carter became determined to make a difference, and founded, “Reaching Our Goals Together (ROGT) Workshop Ministries for Relationships.” ROGT specializes in building strong relationships within families, churches, and communities through workshop presentations. Using biblical precepts and examples workshop participants are inspired and motivated to “adopt a new attitude of mind” and develop effective strategies to build healthy relationships. With the constant rise of divorce, inconsistent and confusion of family member role establishment, youth crisis, co-dependency issues, marriage enrichment—before and after the ring, and for everyday work/life concerns “You must adopt a new attitude of mind!” Although, ROGT does not offer individual or family therapy; ROGT does provide practical yet intensive workshops; workshop ideas that stress effective communications for healthy relationships.

As an ordained deacon, and now a minister, Carter has consulted for more than 10 years locally in church administration, leadership, membership, and ministry development. It is in this capacity that he has shared nationally at the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., in educational programs and training.

With more than 20 years experience in management and social work, Carter has worked with many organizations including Chrysler Corporation, Conway Central Express, the Assertive Community Treatment Program, Ford Motor Company, Paxson Communications, and General Motors—Delphi.

Carter, a tireless support for community initiatives and programs has served on many boards including the Ann Arbor African-American Downtown Festival; University of Michigan Turner Geriatrics Center-African American Service Council; the Huron Valley Christian Academy, and worked with the NAACP Ypsilanti Youth Program.

A student for life, Carter received a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan (2002). An undergraduate degree in Human Resources Administration from Concordia University (1994), and has coursework in Business Management, Business Law, Police Administration and Political Science. Carter also has coursework toward a Master of Divinity, at Heritage College and Seminary.

When he is not consulting, he spends time with his wife, Coleen and their children and grandchildren. His hobbies include reading, cooking and music. An accomplished soloist, Carter has performed with many choirs and other musical groups.